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71 "do not forget heart, always go with the party. Mao Zhedong poetry reading competition"
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 "For a long time, Ling Yunzhi went back to Jinggangshan to find his old place and change his old looks." A magnificent song "Shui Diao Tou. Re-ascending Jinggangshan" by the Party branch of Chenghang opened the Beihai Export Processing Zone July 1, 2018 "Never forget to follow the Party forever. Mao Zhedong poetry reading contest".

In the game of reading poetry, Chen Hang branch won third-prize, by participating in the activities, let the red classic better inheritance, and further stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises of the party members and cadres, Party members and cadres to strengthen the cohesion, not to forget the new era in the beginning of the heart, forge ahead, continue to promote enterprise party building work Make a new step.

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