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Small graphic store

How can a small graphic shop choose a photocopier?

A small shop can be understood as an entrepreneurship shop, facing a simple customer (around the school, around the agency units), a small shop, the general store has experience in the business, the operation of the copier is no problem, is a microcosm of the early typewriter copy shop. Although sparrows are small, black and white copiers, color copiers are indispensable, graphic and text market competition is increasingly fierce, often rely on price differentials to win customers, consumables are one of the key considerations, but also occasionally according to demand to change models. Then let me analyze briefly: what kind of photocopier should you choose for a small graphic shop?

Copiers used in offices have several characteristics: cheap machines, small initial investment, saving costs on consumables and paper; stable performance, although they know how to operate, but often maintenance will affect business, and business opportunities are often valuable; inexpensive materials, in the time of competition can be more advantageous; demand is simple, and Can print, copy, occasionally can play thick paper, to meet the needs of students to do the cover.