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Renting customers

How can a photocopier rental customer choose a photocopier?

Xerox, the ancestor of photocopier leasing, dominated the U.S. office printing market in the 1970s by leasing. The world's first laser printer was born at Xerox Laboratories, and the subsequent innovative counter-based rental model is well received by American companies. Today, the success of this model has been replicated worldwide and has been successful.

Leasers lease machines to users, provide maintenance services, spare parts and consumables replacement, take full responsibility for the maintenance of the machine, free users of after-sales service concerns, to save users the cost of copying machine purchase, profit sources for monthly rental fees or billing by sheet, in terms of cost calculation is to be careful.

Rental customers have several characteristics in choosing and purchasing photocopiers: the most important point is that the price requirements are cheap, to be able to recover costs in a short period of time; secondly, high stability requirements, as far as possible to reduce after-sales maintenance investment; cheap consumables, in the market to obtain more advantages; the basic functions are comprehensive, to meet most of the office requirements and the base This graphic request.