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Our advantages


公司英文名称:Beihai Shin Home Electronic Technology CO.,Ltd.


Focus on brand products and related products

Xerox and SHARP are both the brand representatives of the modern office document solution and the top 500 enterprises in the world. Xerox is the inventor of world photocopier equipment and the world's largest market share. Founded in 1912, SHARP also has nearly 100 years of history, the world's top brands of photocopiers and digital equipment. Konica Minolta provides innovative products and professional services and solutions based on highly integrated technology. As an innovative company, Konica Minolta continues to create exciting products and services in the field of imaging.

Beihai Chenhang's craftsmanship is focused on the world's top brands represented by Xerox, Sharp and Komey. It adopts a wholesale and agency, online and offline integration, machine sales business model, and provides one-stop solutions for Xerox, Sharp, Komey and other remanufactured graphic and text equipment.


The best quality in China

Duplicator remanufacturing plant


Xerox, SHARP, Ke Mei

All kinds of medium and low speed color machines

Black and white machine series

Business model

Agency and wholesale

Online and offline

Advantage 1- massive inventory

The average annual import volume is over 10000 units.

Sufficient inventory ensures that you can purchase machines at any time, whether agents, distributors or business customers.

Advantage 2- service

Sales manager and your professional docking

Electronic business team and your professional docking

No matter what kind of products you need, you can solve them in time.

Advantage 3- strong after-sales service

Xerox / SHARP / Kam senior engineer

Professional is responsible for guiding after-sale problem solving.

Provide matching machine drive, maintenance manual.

All kinds of hardware and software common problems video guidance, comprehensive and intuitive.