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How to purchase office duplicator?

There are a wide range of digital products, printer copiers update quickly, how to see the parameters, word-of-mouth, all kinds of models to understand, how to choose copiers has become a headache for many small and medium-sized enterprises. Then let me analyze briefly what kind of printer and photocopier you want to use.

Office photocopiers have several characteristics: easy to use; take back to be able to use directly, the operation is not complex, office novices can quickly adapt, save time to learn operation, the interface is simple and fast to start. Stable performance; no one wants his copier to become a fighter without having someone to maintain it. The price of the machine is substantial, the initial investment is small; the price is too high is the company's fixed costs, equipment depreciation is fast, for the company's office costs is extremely uneconomical. Full-featured multi-functional integrated machine, efficient office; printing, copying, scanning, fax four basic functions are no less, features such as network printing, double-sided copying, ID card copying, speed can not be too slow and so on (why the office does not choose a small printer). Color copiers; printed documents will be more colorful and practical. Consumables should not be replaced frequently; often to purchase consumables, the company procurement process, consumables installation and debugging are to take time, efficient office to save time and effort. Quick response; printing a document, where the machine preheated the first sheet of paper for half a day, is absolutely intolerable.