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Company strength

Craftsman Chen Hang, excellent quality

Beihai Chenhang, with its green manufacturing, large-scale, standardized and professional development, completely bid farewell to the traditional duplicator renovation enterprises, one person, one machine, manual operation, low production capacity, quality stability can not be guaranteed small workshop mode. At present, Beihai Chen Hang has become an exemplary enterprise in China's Copier remanufacturing industry.

First of all, Beihai Chenhang is a rare domestic remanufacturer with legitimate import and export qualifications. All the wool machines are original and used full-box copiers with regular channels. They are manufactured and shipped in strict accordance with national remanufacturing standards.

Secondly, the company adopts a professional production line factory production, the operation process and quality acceptance of each process are strictly in accordance with the requirements of national remanufacturing standards, so that the production capacity is greatly improved and the quality is better;

In addition, the company standardized management, constantly reduce costs, improve operating efficiency, and ultimately profit to customers, to achieve long-term sustainable development of enterprises.

quality certification

In 2016, we obtained the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and maintained it to date.

Environmental protection certification

In 2016, we obtained the ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification and maintained it to date.

Occupational health certification

In 2016, we obtained the OHSAS18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system certification and maintained it to date.

Company participation in compiling

[general standard for remanufacturing of used copiers, printers and printing machines GB/T34686-2017]

[Enterprise Standard: Technical Requirements for Digital Multifunctional Black-and-White Electrostatic Remanufacturing Copiers and Printers Q/SH001-2015]

Company patent

In 2018, we obtained the patent of a special power management system for remanufacturing office equipment based on Internet + mode.

The company has always been adhering to the ISO "continuous improvement" guiding ideology and 5S as the core of the fine management principle, it will be integrated into the actual management and operation.

Whole cabinet purchase

Chen Hang company imported high quality goods, and Chen Airlines assured supply stability.

Factory building

Chen Hang has a standardized, specialized and large-scale manufacturing plant.

Massive inventory

Chen Hang company guarantees stable supply.

Quality assurance

Procurement products refined sources, standardization, professional production.