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About Xerox brand introduction
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Fuji Xerox is the world's largest producer of digital and information technology products, is a global top 500 enterprises. It is the invention company of copy technology. It has a long history.

Fuji Xerox occupies the first place in the world in the market share of photocopiers, especially in the market share of color machines; its color technology is the world's leading enterprise.

Chinese name

Fuji Xerox

English name Fuji Xerox founder Chester Carson belongs to the industry, the electronic country, the United States.

Brand introduction

Chester F. Carlson, a patent attorney and amateur inventor, successfully produced the first electrostatic copy image on Oct. 22, 1938, at a simple laboratory in Astoria, Queens, New York City. He spent several years trying to sell the invention patent, but failed. Corporate executives and entrepreneurs didn't believe there would be any market for carbon copiers, and the prototypes were so bulky and ugly. Harold also created another word "Xerox" (Shi Le) as the trademark of the new copier. The words "electrostatic copying" (used to describe the copying process) and "Xerox" (labeled product) were introduced to the market in 1948. After the initial taste of Xerox's success, Harold changed its name to Harold Xerox in 1958. In 1961, when the world accepted the first automatic office copy machine, Xerox 914, using ordinary paper, the company was renamed Xerox Corporation.

September 1999 marked the 40th anniversary of Xerox 914, which was named for its 9x14-inch paper. Xerox produced more than 200,000 copiers of this type from 1959 to the 1976 shutdown of the 914 copiers. In 1985, 26 years after the introduction of the 914 copier, Xerox announced that it would no longer renew the full warranty maintenance contract for the 914 copier. For the 6,000 914 machines still in operation, Xerox will adopt a maintenance service with separate material and labor charges. Today, Xerox 914 has become a display in Smithsonian, part of American history. In some parts of the world, 914 machines are still used by customers'companies, and in South America, Xerox also maintains several 914 copiers.

Since 1980, Xerox and Fuji Xerox have won 25 national quality awards in 20 countries, including three of the world's highest quality awards: in the United States, Xerox has won two Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award awards, the first of which was Xerox's commercial products and products in 1989. The second was Xerox Business Services in 1997; Xerox European Solutions Group (formerly Frank Xerox) won the first European Quality Award in 1992; Fuji Xerox won the Deming Prize in 1980.
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